Josef Frank

Even if Josef Frank (1885 – 1967) came to Sweden in his 50s, he’s considered as one of Swedens most important designer of all time. Josef was born in Austria of two creative parents, both active in the textile industry. He studied architecture and was one of Vienna modernism’s foremost figures even if he later on started to question it.

Frank liked values such as comfort, hominess and colour and this came to show in his patterns for wallpaper such as textile. For example he like to include nature’s colours and forms in to his interiors to be able to breath even in a closed room

In 1934, Josef Frank started working at Svenskt Tenn and after the international breakthrough together with the founder of Svenskt Tenn, Estrid Ericson, at the World Expositions they becam the model for the expression ”Swedish Modern”.

Pattern: Baranquilla

Some of Franks favourites among flowers was daises, roses, tulips, forget-me-nots, violets which he so in a masterly way mixed with pure fantasy flowers. I think this, bold prints and colurs, together with almost imperceptible repetition is the key elements that is so significant for his designlegacyl. And so far from the traditional Swedish view of interiors. Maybe that’s why his patterns are so popular in Sweden today.

Pattern: Notturno

“The monochromatic surface appears uneasy, while prints are calming, and the observer is unwillingly influenced by an underlying slow approach. The richness of decoration cannot be fathomed so quickly, in contrast to the monochromatic surface which doesn’t invite any further interest and therefore one is immediately finished with it.”